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Howard was the result of a 4 week character modelling project set at FutureGames.

Although I don't want to become a character artist, or animator, I had fun with this project and I am pleased with the outcome.

I used this time to learn the basics of ZBrush and rigging in Maya. My workflow was as follows....

Concepted in Photoshop >

Sculpted in ZBrush >

Low Poly modelled in Maya >

Baked in xNormal>

Textured in Photoshop & Mudbox>

Rigged & Animated in Maya>

Recorded & Game ready in Unreal

Watch the animations below.

10,000 Tris + Fully Rigged

2048 Texture map + 2048 Normal map

4 Week Project

Workflow Progression. ZBrush sculpt, Low Poly in Maya,  Normal map with occlusion and finally the finished character with material in Unreal.