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In 2013 I was working at Plowman Craven as a 3D Scanning technician and modeller for movies. I was beginning to lose touch with game art so when my cousin phoned and asked if I would like to make artwork for Football management game idea I saw it as the perfect way to keep my creative juices flowing. In our spare time we embarked on building our own game called In The Dugouts.

After months of hard work we had a chance meeting with investors who liked our idea and invested in us as a new start up company. I have created all artwork for the game so far and we hope to release the game on ios soon.  The artwork is primarily 2D but I have been creating 3D elements where needed,


This has been a long, hard and interesting project, it has taught me about the business and financial side of the industry and the difficulties that face small developers.

      All artwork created by me using Photoshop & Maya.

One thing that is often overlooked in football management games is a strong Stadium Builder.

I wanted to provide users with a Stadium Builder that has a real depth in customisation enabling them to create a truely unique home ground

with 1000's of possible combinations.

An example of it in action >>>

Stadium Builder. Create unique stadiums for your team.

To push the costomisation options further I wanted to give the player a huge library facial features to choose from. These are for not only for the users online manager profile but also can be used to change the players in the team.

A mockup of the facial system at work>>

This is another feature that is often overlooked in management games and something that our research suggests users would enjoy and in some cases pay for.

By creating different ethnicitys, hairstyles, eyes, noses, mouths, clothing and accessories the user has a vast catalogue of options to create a unique manager profile and football team.