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King Art Test

I was invited to try my hand at an Art Test for King. The challenge was to redesign and reskin an existing King game called Silver Screen in 7 days.

It was nice little test, The requirements were to provide a logo, character, background, UI and game pieces. I decided to do almost everything in 3D and use photoshop to add polish and make the UI.

Overall, I am happy with what I achieved during the week, There were still things I wanted to add or change slightly (the background composition for instance) but I think as a concept it works ok. My idea was to create a movie themed game with cinema food game pieces and different movie set backdrops to represent different levels.

Logo Design

Character Design

Logo Workflow

Game Pieces  -  Click Image For Large Version


Final Game Concepts  -  Click Images for Large Version

Wildberry Princess

Here I had a go at making my own interpretation of the Wildberry Princess from adventure time.

I made slight changes to the

orignial design (below) to give a

more cute feeling and also made  a version similar in style to candy