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LIROI was a 4 week Futuregames project. The challenge was to create a game from scratch in only 4 weeks. Working in a team of 8 people (4 artists and 4 designers) I was assigned as Lead Artist on the project in charge of steering the artwork in one direction.

The idea behind the game was exploration combined with platforming & flying elements set in a relaxing environment. My main contributions to the artwork were Terrain, Foliage, Level design & building, Menus & Title screen.

It was particularly rewarding to me that LIROI was nominated for 'Best Execution in Art'. Given that I was Lead Artist, the nomination reinforced the tough decisions I made when working with the art team.

My contribution to the project

Individual meshes made by Oscar Stampe >

Temple Island

The temple has two buttons which the player can interact with. The first is Easily visible infront of the temple and not only transforms the form, it also reveals a hidden collectable on the upper level.


       See the transformation here >>

The second button is hidden around the back of the temple and opens two doors reavealing another two collectables. Both sequences have matinees to show the user where the interactions take place.

Ruin Island

I also built a second island with an overgrown ruins theme. Similar in principle to the temple puzzle but this time two buttons control lifts which grant the user access to previously unaccessable areas of the ruin. Again, this enables the user to find the hidden collectables inside.

Foliage Objects

All the foliage I created ran off the same 2048x2048 texture and simple "wind" material (below).