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The Next Of Kin

The Next Of Kin was a 7 week Futuregames project. The challenge was to create a working vertical slice in Unity. Working in a team of 9 people (5 artists and 4 designers). I was the only environment artist on the project in charge of producing all environment related models (game ready), lighting and post process camera settings.

The idea behind the game was exploration combined with combat and puzzle solving set in a wild and magical forest environment, all played from a top down perspective.

Being the only environment artist on a game that is so environment heavy in content was a big challenge. I first had to come up with a workflow that would enable me to knock out game ready assets as fast as possible whilst keeping a coherent art style. This took almost 2 weeks of experimenting until I found a style I was confident I could reproduce at a fast pace.

My workflow was....          ZBrush  >  Maya  >  3D Coat  >  Photoshop  >  Unity

Quick simple        Low Poly          Paint textures          Tweak textues       Create final

    sculpts               + UV                                                                                prefabs

All concept artwork by Susanna Wesslund

From Concept to Game

The opportunity to work with a talented concept artist is something that has always passed me by, but on this project I was lucky enough to work with Susanna Wesslund.

ATLAST! I embraced the partnership and being able to have loose concepts available before I started modelling was fantastic. Often we would collaborate on paper first and then when I was ready to move to the next asset, Susanna would have a concept ready for me to work from.

Foliage Concept

Modular & Man Made objects

Other objects